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Exquisite Nail Rings

Questions and Answers....

Q. Are E.N.R. Comfortable to where and how long can you where them.   

E.N.R. Yes, they are comfortable & you can where them as long as you like, I generally where mine 6 to 8 hrs a day. I feel undressed without them
Q. Are they waterproof.

E.N.R. Yes, Completely…Nails are ABS plastic and the rings are Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold fill wire.

Q. Will E.N.R. ring portion or Silver/Gold loose their color?
E.N.R No, I find the more you where them the shinier they become. You will want to be careful with Chemicals…Keep away from harsh chemicals such as bleach. If you do come in contact just Rinse immediately.

Q. “Can I use Jewelry Cleaner with E.N.R.?”

E.N.R. Yes, just be sure to dip the ring portion only in Jewelry cleaning solution for a second and rinse immediately and pat dry...However Keep in mind that each time you do dip...a tiny fraction of the Silver/Gold is removed, it may be more desirable to use a Jewelers shining cloth...use sparingly.

NOTE: These are suggestions only... Exquisite Nail Rings is not responsible for Polishes/Cleaners used or any discolorations from the outcome of use.

Q. “Will the Silver Or Gold wire discolor my skin?”

E.N.R. It will depend on your chemistry. Some People who have an acidic chemistry will turn black just under the ring and bridge area. Some times one hand some times just a few fingers and sometimes both. It washes off and should not be considered a fault in the Jewelry.
Q. Can I paint the nails a different color.

E.N.R. Yes, just be sure when removing the color, use Non Acetone Nail polish remover.

Q. Can I keep my E.N.R’s in bag or in my Jewel Box?
 E.N.R. We highly suggest as tough as they are to keep them looking their best place back in the box that they came in. This will insure beauty and longevity. However boxes may vary in color and shape depending on availability.

Q. Can I let my friends and family where them too.
 E.N.R. No, These peaces of Jewelry were custom made for your fingers. As you well know great pains were taken to ensure a perfect custom fit. If you bend these over and over for weeks on end just like any metal they will weaken and break. So we highly suggest that you are the only one who wares them.

Q. Can I adjust the fit of my E.N.R.’s if I need to?

E.N.R. You can,” The ring Portion only But in tiny increments by placing thumb and index finger on both sides of the ring you can very gently pull them apart or push together. But try to just Slip on and off. If need be wet your finger.

Q. Can I Drive while warring my E.N.R.’s

E.N.R. No, For safety we recommend arriving at your destination and then slipping them on.

Q. Can I use them to open a can of Soda Pop?

E.N.R. No, Remember these are not a tool, they are a fine crafted peace of Jewelry (a work of art) and should be treated as such. Simply slip off your index finger and open your Soda and Slip back on.

Q. ”Can I ware them while dinning?”

E.N.R. “Yes, but if you’ve never had nails Practice at home get accustomed to them then go out and have fun!”

Q. Can I dress while warring my E.N.R.’s.

E.N.R. We suggest you dress first and after your make up and earrings are on make them the last thing you put on. Like the cherry on top.

Q. “Can I where my E.N.R.’s in the Powder Room?”

E.N.R. While using the Public Powder rooms we suggest you take 2 little baggies. “The Auto flushers are the
enemy…better to be safe than sorry.”

Q. "What happens after I make the purchase?"
With in 2 or 3 days we will mail the Introductory Kit to you or the recipient.
The following Items will be included in the kit:
1. Plastic or cloth measuring tape in millimeters.
2. A fine Point Sharpie pen or permanent marker.
3. A set of acrylic fingernail for sizing
4. A form to fill out
5. (Care instructions) is on this Question and answer Page.

Q. "How important is it to Follow All Instructions when I receive them in the mail.?"
Actually, Very… “It is imperative to follow the instructions exactly to insure a custom fit.”
Please keep in mind all Exquisite Nail Rings are by hand fabricated or molds have to be made
for the fingernails made of precious metals. So accuracy is very, very important because resizing
is not possible, we would be starting all over as too many variables are involved.

"Please be accurate as possible."
 Q "When Will I receive my Exquisite Nail Rings?"
One Exquisite Nail Ring; with the Acrylic fingernail takes approximately 2 weeks for delivery.
Set of 10 Acrylic Nails Rings; it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks, with Jewels up to 10 weeks.
Precious Metal Nails; If you have ordered one that the fingernail is made of Precious Metal this
can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Q. "What are the shipping Charges?"
$hipping is Free via U.S.P.S. First-Class Mail to U.S.A customers.

Q. "Is Free Shipping available to international customers?"
All though we are proud to offer our Jewelry to International Customers,
shipping both ways is your responsibility.
Q. "Is there a money back guarantee?"

Yes, within 7 days of receiving your Exquisite Nail Ring or set of 10 with the following conditions:

"Item must be Post Marked no later than the 7th day."
Note...Any Nail Ring is a 50% restocking fee, as these are
          custom made for each finger, unless Gold 70% restocking fee.
A set of 10 Exquisite Nail Rings (Nails made of Acrylic) $160.00 restocking fee is required.
Exquisite Nail Rings (Nail of Sterling Silver) is a 50% restocking fee.
Exquisite Nail Rings (Nail made of 10kt Gold or higher degree of Gold) is a 70% restocking fee.
Customer is responsible for Return Postage. We encourage purchasing shipping Insurance
when returning an item because we cannot issue a refund until the item has safely
arrived to us.
Note; “We are very proud to say we have never had an unhappy client.”
Buy with Confidence: There is nothing hidden with Exquisite Nail Rings we are open and honest in all of our business practices, meticulous in our work and offer rock solid values on all of our Hand Crafted Jewelry.
We take pride in our Family run business. All Exquisite Nail Rings arrive in a beautiful box.
If only one is purchased it will arrive in a Smaller one.
The sets of 10 arrive in a Black Velvet box, depending on availability, colors may vary.