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Exquisite Nail Rings is independently owned and operated. Exquisite Nail Rings hides a wounded fingernail that is molded or damaged. It also works like a prosthetic, covering a damaged fingertip as a prosthetic and or fashion accessory. As Licensed Nail technicians, accredited from Redken Beauty College, we understand special fingernail needs. We can create any look that you want or recreate any nail that has been damaged. We also make new nails for people who have lost the entire fingernail -- men, women and even children. Single replacement nails or a full set of fashionable nail rings, we create personal nail accessories. 

Our founder and inventor broke 3 of her long nails. Excruciatingly painful and so damaged it was over a year later and the nails, for various health reasons still had not grown back. After being invited to a Christmas party, and tired of hiding her thumbs and index finger she decided that she had to do something! She had looked everywhere that year for a solution to her problem and finding none she created a very unique type of jewelry. A ring with a nail attached that was virtually undetectable.

They hide her 3 broken nails beautifully. She could feel good about herself again. So, after that her nails had healed enough to reapply sculpted nails, she decided to ware just one Exquisite Nail Ring. She took the nail off of the little finger of her left hand and wore a gold one that she had made. Then her Mother seeing her go through so much suggested that she should remove all of her nails for a while and let her hands rest. This was a big decision for her, she had never been without nails since she was very young and had worn sculptured nails for 20 years and had never taken them off. Then when she had given it some thought what would it hurt to try it. She found them so comfortable and pleasant to ware still being able to do anything through the day without nails & bumping, lifting, cracking and breaking a nail, that she only wares Exquisite Nail Rings exclusively. Not only are they comfortable but she gets compliments every time she wares them. People ask, "Where do you get your nails done?" or I love your nails!" or "How do you do anything with your nails so long?" and gasp when she pulls one off.  "When ever she steps out, she slips on her Exquisite Nail Rings and feels like her old self again and no one knows the difference!"

Exquisite Nail Rings is the "go to place" for all of your special nail challenges. Our nail technicians love helping others!  Exquisite Nail Rings -- Finger Nail Ring Jewelry -- comes with or without gemstones. Our Cherokee heritage is proudly represented in our Indian Jewelry Exquisite Nail Ring titled "Cherokee Waterfall." We also have Sterling Silver Rings and Gold Nail Rings. "These are the finest custom made fingernail rings in the world! Totally functional, beautiful, sexy, eye popping nail rings!

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